Covid19 Update:

We are living in unprecedented times, which call for urgent action.

In order to still serve my clients, I have taken all my business online. I have blended my previous experience in online client consulting with the challenges of these new times.

Over the past few weeks I felt a bit like a wave rolled over me and had turned me inside out. The truth is: We are all in this together. The Coronavirus outbreak is a global pandemic that affects everybody.

I strongly feel that we have to make the most of this current situation. There is good to be drawn from every day.

Now more than ever do we have to make the right food choices, look after our bodies and our mental health. I can help coach you through this time, and give you and your loved ones valuable advice on staying well and improving your overall health.

Please contact me with your questions and to set up an online consultation:email or call me on 085 7399603.

If you have been adversely aff...

As promised during this morning's interview with the fabulous Wendy from Spirit Radio, here is my list of foods attractively marketed to children and their sugar contents ... warning, you may need to sit down before you read this, as it makes shocking reading.

Did you know that a single can of coke contains over 200% your daily sugar fill? Gulp!! It's not the kind of drink I would ever offer my children, but I have seen small children carry cans of fizzy drinks around the place ...

Sugar has been proven to be behind the obesity epidemic (it is hidden in so many foods to make them more attractive and downright addictive, and adds empty calories), and can really tamper with children's attention spans. It also causes tooth decay. And just think about this: if we fill our children's tummies with readily available, snazzily packaged sugary snacks, there is less space in their bellies for the good stuff (veggies, meat, fish, wholegrains, all the kinds of things real meals are made from).

We rea...

  1. What is the brain? It forms 2% of total body weight, and needs 20% of its blood and energy. The brain and spinal cord regulate non-conscious processes and coordinates most voluntary movement. It is the site of consciousness, allowing us to think and learn.

  2. Does the food we eat have a big impact on the brain? Yes, countless studies prove that we can really help our brains stay alert and well by eating the right foods. Food can have an enormous effect on how we feel, think and walk through each day.

  3. What should we avoid, which foods can deteriorate brain function? Alcohol is the prime item here, and caffeine actually a close second. It does not improve our concentration or ability to function, contrary to popular belief. A study has shown that alcohol and caffeine together actually slows reaction time more than alcohol alone!
    A diet high in sugar and refined carbs should really be avoided. The brain feeds on glucose, but it requires not just that. If you feed your body (an...

It is the end of February, and we should be talking about longer days, warmer weather, and springtime approaching. Instead, we are expecting storm Emma to sweep across the country leaving it in a blanket of snow and cold.

Is this cold weather actually good for us? The good news about cold weather is that it is good for the soil and that it kills germs. Do open your windows 10 mins in the morning to let in this clean air and let out the used up air to beat bugs. Wrap up and go outside to take a few deep breaths, really good for you. The dry air is a welcome change to our usual wet climate.

 Briefly, how am I getting on with my fast? To be honest, this has been the easiest fast ever. I love soups, and have relished the opportunity to make soups every day. I have not felt deprived. But I haven’t lost any weight either, so I am hoping it will give me a spiritual lift instead.

I am more creative with my soups now, so am buying a chicken & roasting it, then making stock from it for my soups. I...

Lent is starting today. In the Christian tradition, believers are encouraged to fast for 6 weeks starting on Ash Wednesday until Easter. What elements are there to fasting? A six week lent fast is, both, a spiritual and health journey. Most of us approach it for physical health these days, fasting chocolate, sugar, alcohol, maybe even meat. Biblically, we know spiritual healing and revelations are closely linked to fasting.

From a nutritional point of view, is there any point to fasting and why would we fast? There is huge physical benefit to be derived from fasting. We all eat too much, really. We all eat a very heavy diet. Giving your body a break from all this heavy food is a good idea.

How hungry can I get during a fast? Well, Jesus fasted for 40 days and nights in the desert, being tempted by the devil repeatedly. When he came out of the desert he is reported to have been hungry. We can relate to this. I do not recommend fasting for 40 days and nights, rather I’d recommend cutting b...

New Year New You – most people make NY Resolutions. Do they last? Usually by the end of January they are all but forgotten about. We tend to make a big effort at the start of the year, but this wears off as we are faced with our normal daily routines and the struggles to accommodate those changes; our own behaviours and habits also stop us succeeding often.

What are the Top 10 Healthiest NYR’s?

  1. Lose Weight,

  2. Stay in Touch,

  3. Stop Smoking,

  4. Save Money,

  5. Cut your Stress

  6. Volunteer

  7. Go back to school

  8. Cut back on Alcohol

  9. Get more sleep

  10. Travel

How are we likely to stick to those NYR’s a bit longer?

  1. Be realistic with your goals, do not create an unachievable goal for yourself

  2. Make it positive, i.e. create a positive message for yourself

  3. Sit down with your weekly planner and fit your goals into your week, so make them realistic. Print out that planner and hang it up in your kitchen

  4. Check in with yourself every so often, maybe every w...

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