Guerilla Gardeners

Today I was back in the studios at Spirit Radio in Bray, Co. Wicklow, to talk to Wendy. We had a great chat, as usual, this time about vegetable gardening in the back garden. Have you ever thought about growing your own veg? Do you know how wonderfully easy it is to grow your own fruit and veg in the back garden? I was at an event organised by Bloom Fringe Dublin recently, and it really inspired me to get the message about vegetable gardening out there more. It's intricately linked with our nutrition, and there is a real revolution going on - people are going back to growing their own veg, joining groups that have allotments, buying on farmers markets, etc. It's going back to the roots, goin

Super-delicious and healthy ice-cream

Watch this video for a super healthy, super delicious, super nutritious and - most importantly - super easy ice-cream for all ages! I know what I will be doing with my honeydew melon in the kitchen right now ... see you later!

Balanced Diet

Sports Science in Agreement: Jockeys thrive on a wholefoods diet of regular meals Jockeys are the last group of athletes to get professional sports science support. Jockeys now realise that they are high performing athletes – just like the high performance athletes they are riding. As such they require proper support from everything sports science has to offer. In this series of articles I will be focusing on their nutritional and dietary needs as athletes. Dr Giles Warrington, Programme Chair of Sports Science and Health at Dublin City University (DCU), Head Sports Physiologist and Sports Science Advisor to the Olympic Council of Ireland, and scientific research coordinator with the Turf C

Smoothies - Juices - What's the Difference?

Smoothies - Juices - homemade - shop-bought - trusted brands - sugar-content ...... Are they good for you, or are they just full of sugar? Listen to my latest interview with Wendy on Spirit Radio which was aired on Tuesday 24th May, 11.10am Here is the link to my interview today:

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