Join me at the Totally Terrific Tomato Festival in Killruddery, Bray this Sunday 4th September

Killruddery are hosting their first celebration of the humble tomato. Come along and join all of us mad people in celebrating the wonderful world and varieties of all things tomato. To help celebrate, you can either bring along your own home-grown special breed of tomato and/or visit me at my stand to get a free mini consultation and to taste some truly terrific (healthy) tomatoey treats! To find out more visit: For updates visit my Facebook website at See you in Killruddery!

Nutrition for Olympic Athletes, can we learn anything for our lives?

The Olympic games in Rio have concluded now with a little controversy and scandal but overall with a feeling of great achievement for the athletes. I personally think every athletes who makes it to the Olympic games and competes for their country is a winner. Each and every one of them make huge sacrifices and train incredibly hard - year-round. They are the most dedicated, focused and simply impressive people I can think of. There is a lot we can learn from for our own lives, whether we are athletes ourselves or not. Obviously, I am focusing on the nutritional side of their training mostly. Not only do successful athletes have a very strict training-schedule they have to stick to day in, da

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