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How much salt is too much salt? What are the major sources of excess salt? How can we reduce the amount of salt in our daily diet? These and other questions were answered in ye sterday's interview with Dom on Spirit Radio: Salt Podcast Recent research published in the Irish press revealed shocking statistics on our salt intake. Irish men are eating more than twice as much salt as they should be eating (over 11g), and Irish women are eating 70% more salt than they should be eating. Given the fact that there is a strong link between some health conditions and excess salt intake, these figures are nothing short of alarming. Excess salt has a detrimental effect on heart health by making arterie

Gluten- and Dairy-free Cooking Demo and FREE Nutritional Advice

The fabulous Maggie Lynch of The Soul Food Company ( has asked me to give my expert nutrition advice at her upcoming cookery class on Gluten- and Dairy-free cooking! Maggie is hosting one of her excellent one-day cookery classes this Saturday at her demo kitchen in Shankill, Co Dublin. You will learn all you need to know about healthy, nutritious, delicious gluten- and dairy-free cooking. Delicious food, cooking presentations, and free recipes to go home with - after tasting all the delicious food yourself first over a relaxed lunch ... All this for €130 (-15% discount!) & on top: my expert nutritional advice FREE To book:

Greystones, Co. Wicklow

+ 353 (0)85 739 9603



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