"Rescued Food" - what a great idea!

Here is a bit of inspiration for this morning: RESCUING FOOD, what a great idea! It is a bit scary and sad to hear of 1 in 5 supermarket bags of food being thrown out in every household. But that's the truth. The Australian property developer TOGA has made shop space available for project OzHarvest, a rescued food supermarket in Kensington. How does it work? Supermarkets donate whatever food is past its sell-by date, and anyone can walk into OzHarvest to help themselves. Donate or take it for free, it is up to you. What a heartwarming idea this is. When I was growing up we ate every scrap of food on our plates - my mother

Gluten-Free Eating - Another Fad?

There was a big article in last week’s Irish Times entitled “Irish people are wasting millions on gluten-free fad”, which you may have read. ( It raised some very valid points, including: People follow a gluten-free diet because certain celebrities are endorsing it, meaning people are “gullible” to dietary advice from pretty much anybody People spend over and above for gluten-free foods, which are not always a healthier option. They are often as high or even higher in sugar than standard gluten-containing varieties People follow the gluten-free diet without a clear need fo

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