Day 12 - Enjoy Your Christmas 2017

Day 12 - Happy Christmas to you all! Thank you for a great year, and for reading my posts in 2017. I wish you all a very happy and healthy Christmas, full of delicious food. I shall remind myself not to overdo it throughout the days and week. See you in the New Year! For more information and to book an appointment, please contact me at

Day 11 - On The Home Stretch ...

Day 11 - on the home stretch ... I am writing this to you from Germany where I will spend Christmas this year. The only downside to visiting my friends & family at home is missing out on my daily morning swims in the sea off Greystones ... sea swimming is an invigorating pastime ... You should try it sometime.

Day 10 - An Easy yet Delicious Christmas Dessert

Day 10 - Christmassy Pavlova (meringue) This is seriously easy to prepare, and a little bit boozy. Let's make this an easy one: scrap the idea of making your own pavlova this Christmas. So, the first ingredient is 8 shop-bought meringues, they are not strictly pavlova, I know, but will save you a whole load of hassle and time on this one. For the topping: 800g cooking apples, cut into 2cm chunks 25ml Prosecco 75g brown sugar 1 star anise 1 table spoon cinnamon 5 cloves 1 vanilla pod 125ml water AND 500ml cream (whipped at home), optional mascarpone to make a thicker cream. To prepare: bring the apples and all other ingredients to the boil in a pan, cover and gently simmer for 6-7

Day 9 - Some Natural Ingredients for a Healthy Christmas ..

Day 9 - They are all coughing and vomiting around me ... ... some virus-busting tips: - Olive Leaf Extract to help you fight viruses and colds - Manuka Honey to ease a cough, bad throat, tummy ache, and even diarrhoea (try to get the genuine stuff from the health food shop as it has proven strength) - lemon & ginger in hot water, simple but effective when you feel a cold coming on - an onion, finely diced, drizzled with honey, left overnight - drink the juice in the morning. You can do this every day to boost your defences - half an onion and leave it in your room overnight, likewise add some rosemary & thyme in a bowl of hot water if suffering from coughs and a stuffy head (your bedroo

Day 8 - Foodie Gifts ...

Day 8 - I just posted this smart little piece of food beauty, and it's so worthwhile mentioning again I am posting it as my 12 Days of Christmas Day 8:

Day 7 - No more Pain ...

Day 7 - Bloating, abdominal pain, flatulence, general digestive disturbances … something many of us sadly take for granted in their daily lives. You shouldn’t. Everybody should be able to live to their full health, and not be bothered by tummy pains. This is something I will work on with you at Grassroots Nutrition. My goal is to work at “grassroots level”, your gut health. Real healing works from the inside out, so in my opinion if you can achieve a healthy happy gut you can achieve full health. I hold the tools to help you achieve full health. A first step in this process is often a Food Intolerance test. Uniquely, FoodDetective gives you instant results during the appointment, at much les

Day 6 - Stretching against Stress

Day 6 - Stretching your shoulders out can really help relieve stress ... Grassroots Nutrition practices out of Myoreflex in Greystones. Jill at Myoreflex always has wise words for me, and has kindly allowed me to share this tip: "So many of you ask me during treatment's 'Do your hands and body not get sore after treating so many people?'......My answer....I listen to my own advice I give to you...Stretch!!!! As well as stretching, I also do some self treatment on areas that I can reach. Over the next couple of weeks I'll post some of the stretches and self treatment points that I do to help keep by body in working order of you... First Up.. Pec Stretch. These are the muscles at the front of

Day 5 - Seasonal Pear & Rocket Salad

Day 5 - Absolutely delicious: Pear & Rocket Salad. 100% Seasonal. Brimming with Nutrients. Salads may be considered summer food, but actually you can easily make a fresh winter salad which will do your guts a world of good. 2 large handfuls of rocket salad, 1 pear (cored and thinly sliced), 2 tsp olive oil, juice of ½ lemon, 30g parmesan cheese shavings, freshly ground black pepper. Combine the pear and rocket in a salad mixing bowl. Dress with olive oil, lemon juice, parmesan shavings. Grind some pepper to taste. Very much a seasonal vegetable, Rocket is a bitter food, which stimulates digestive juices and thus overall well being. If eaten before or with meals, it can help digestion and re

Day 4 - A Walk in the Park ...

Day 4 - The Japanese call it “forest bathing”. A 50 minute walk in the woods can act as an antidepressant. The Daily Globe and Mail actually puts it nicely: “Scientists have advanced a wide range of theories about the specific physical and mental benefits nature can provide, ranging from clean air and lack of noise pollution to the apparent immune-boosting effects of a fine mist of 'wood essential oils'. But the most powerful benefits, a new study suggests, may result from the way trees and birds and sunsets gently tug – but never grab – at our attention.” Call out to your nearest woodland walk today to soak up sunshine (and help your body top up its vital Vitamin D stores) and stretch your

Day 3 Seven Handy Survival Tips for Christmas

Day 3 The Journal recently posted 7 handy survival tips for the Christmas period which I feel are worth sharing. They are simple tips, but if taken to heart, can make a big difference to your Christmas this year:…/ To receive these messages and others into your mailbox visit to sign up to my newsletter.

Day 2 Easy-Peasy gluten-free Mince Pies.

I have to admit, I am not a natural baker by any stretch. So, I am not afraid to simply substitute a gluten-free flour when wheat flour is required. Making your own gluten-free pastry use Dove’s Farm Plain Gluten-free Flour (or the Aldi alternative), cold butter and sugar. 375g plain gluten-free flour (e.g. Dove’s Farm), 260g butter or coconut oil, 100g sugar. Mix the pastry ingredients well, roll into a ball, cover with cling film and put into the fridge for 30 minutes. When you are ready to put these into their moulds, have plenty of gluten-free flour when handling the dough as it tends to be a bit more sticky and crumbly than regular pastry. Try to avoid over-handling. Fill the pie form

Day 1 Overindulgence ...

Yes, face it, we will all overindulge this season. Me included. How can we beat its ill effects the morning after? Drinking lots of clean, fresh water and herbal teas such as peppermint, dandelion, nettle, verbena, lemon and ginger can really help. Take a dropper full of Milk Thistle morning and night to help your liver cope with excess of all kinds. Try to make up for lost sleep in the nights after a big night out. Yes, not getting enough sleep is a big issue in today’s society and a health issue not to be ignored, according to Tuesday’s Irish Times article (

The 12 Days of Christmas

Starting this Wednesday, 13th December. The Twelve Days of Christmas are starting early at Grassroots Nutrition. As this is the season of joy, excess food and fun, it can also be the season of stress and worry. So, I thought I'd give you all an early Christmas present by posting brief messages with encouraging content every day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas - if you have missed them in the pre-Christmas frenzy, they will be there after Christmas to encourage you around your eating habits. Eat well, feel well, be well. Easily said. And actually quite easily achieved. Don't miss me on Spirit Radio tomorrow, Tuesday, 12th December, at 11.10am with Wendy!

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