Winter Warmers, Immune Support ...

It is the end of February, and we should be talking about longer days, warmer weather, and springtime approaching. Instead, we are expecting storm Emma to sweep across the country leaving it in a blanket of snow and cold. Is this cold weather actually good for us? The good news about cold weather is that it is good for the soil and that it kills germs. Do open your windows 10 mins in the morning to let in this clean air and let out the used up air to beat bugs. Wrap up and go outside to take a few deep breaths, really good for you. The dry air is a welcome change to our usual wet climate. Briefly, how am I getting on with my fast? To be honest, this has been the easiest fast ever. I love sou

Welcome to Fasting

Lent is starting today. In the Christian tradition, believers are encouraged to fast for 6 weeks starting on Ash Wednesday until Easter. What elements are there to fasting? A six week lent fast is, both, a spiritual and health journey. Most of us approach it for physical health these days, fasting chocolate, sugar, alcohol, maybe even meat. Biblically, we know spiritual healing and revelations are closely linked to fasting. From a nutritional point of view, is there any point to fasting and why would we fast? There is huge physical benefit to be derived from fasting. We all eat too much, really. We all eat a very heavy diet. Giving your body a break from all this heavy food is a good idea. H

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