• Alex Dobbs

Nutrition for Olympic Athletes, can we learn anything for our lives?

The Olympic games in Rio have concluded now with a little controversy and scandal but overall with a feeling of great achievement for the athletes. I personally think every athletes who makes it to the Olympic games and competes for their country is a winner. Each and every one of them make huge sacrifices and train incredibly hard - year-round. They are the most dedicated, focused and simply impressive people I can think of.

There is a lot we can learn from for our own lives, whether we are athletes ourselves or not. Obviously, I am focusing on the nutritional side of their training mostly. Not only do successful athletes have a very strict training-schedule they have to stick to day in, day out, week in, week out, to achieve results. They also have to eat according to a schedule.

In my most recent interview on Spirit I gave some advice on the nutritional habits of Olympic athletes and on what we can learn from these for our own lives ...

Listen in here:


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