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Healthy Halloween Treats

Not long to go until Halloween. Fancy trying to surprise the local kids with healthy treats at your door? These ideas are fun, scary and yummy all at the same time ... and won't leave your children "high as kites" on the post-excess-treat-sugar-rush (you know what I mean)

Eerie Eyeballs made out of three kinds of dried fruit. For each pair of eyes you need 2 apple rings, 2 dried apricots, 2 raisins. Flatten two apple rings with the palm of your hand. Slice a dried apricot in half and place

each half on top of the apple rings. Use a raisin for each eyeball. Tightly press down on the apricot.

Ghost Toasts. You need 1 slice of pan, cream cheese and raisins. Simply toast a slice of pan, cut it into a funky flying ghost shape, cover it with cream cheese and use three raisins for its eyes and mouth. Done!

Cheesy Fingertips. You need cheese-strings, carrot and cream cheese. Cut cheese strings in half and then cut a shallow area for the fingernail at the end of each “finger”. Carve our tiny horizontal lines to mark the ruffled skin at the joints. Slice a piece of carrot and cut to imitate a fingernail, stick on with cream cheese.

Goblin Grins. For each grin you need 1 mangetout (flat snap peas in pods), almond slivers for teeth and sliced salami or chorizo for the tongue. Slice one side of the pea pod in the centre as to create the mouth opening, gently push in sliced almonds as teeth and a small slice of salami or chorizo to resemble the tongue.

Simply put these treats out on a large serving dish that you have decorated with Halloween-themed napkins and tea lights, and offer to surprised trick-or-treaters. Take care, their eyeballs may pop when they see your treats – and they may wonder whether they have been treated … or tricked?! Let me know how you get on!


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