• Alex Dobbs

Food for Thought: the "new" food pyramid

Just as we thought we had left the high-carb, low-fat 1980's firmly behind us, the Irish government throws us a bomb: the all new, revised, updated, latest research-based Food Pyramid.

For those of you who thought the Food Pyramid was in the past: yes, it is. Governments have scrapped the idea as being unhealthy and unrealistic and have introduced a food plate (which you may, or may not, agree with).

During the decades of Food Pyramids leading our nations we have gained more weight than ever before, are facing an obesity crisis, Type 2 Diabetes crisis, autoimmune disease crisis and a cancer crisis. Arguably, all of the above are firmly linked to the modern diet. Soooo, why oh why should we listen to yet another, albeit "revised" Food Pyramid? Have we not learned from our mistakes? Is the writing not on the wall?

If you would like to read up about good eating advice for a well nourished body, then I refer you to the ANH Food Plate, which is probably the closest thing to sound nutrition you can find printed at the moment ... unless, of course, you would like to avail of the benefits of individually tailored advice from a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist as myself.

This concludes my rant. I leave you with Domini Kemp's well chosen words, a cancer survivor herself and author of healthy cook book "The Ketogenic Kitchen".


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