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"Rescued Food" - what a great idea!

Here is a bit of inspiration for this morning: RESCUING FOOD, what a great idea!

It is a bit scary and sad to hear of 1 in 5 supermarket bags of food being thrown out in every household. But that's the truth.

The Australian property developer TOGA has made shop space available for project OzHarvest, a rescued food supermarket in Kensington. How does it work?

Supermarkets donate whatever food is past its sell-by date, and anyone can walk into OzHarvest to help themselves. Donate or take it for free, it is up to you.

What a heartwarming idea this is. When I was growing up we ate every scrap of food on our plates - my mother was born in the middle of WWII, and grew up during times of hunger, she experienced the hardship of not having enough and of having to farm your own food. Most of us feel we are so far away from this and have constant food security (thanks not least to the EU's decisions many decades ago). However, the truth is that people around struggle to feed their families, so free food is a needed thing.

I hate food waster (see above note on my wartime mum's struggles for food). I do not like throwing food out, ever. So, we shop 2-3 times per week and try to eat or fresh food before we buy more. Works almost 100% of the time. Occasionally, our hens in the garden or our dog get a scrap, and very occasionally the bins gets some too. Mostly, though, we manage our food well.

However, supermarkets have a different story to tell. They put "sell by" dates on fresh food, which is not the "use by" date but a date set before that time of expiration - "sell by" gives the food 2-3 days at home before it starts going off, a fair enough deal. Sadly, it leads to a mountain of food waste annually.

In France, there are initiatives of restaurants using this food to feed to homeless people, or it being donated to soup kitchens. But a whole supermarket dedicated to rescued food - that's a new thought to me, and one I embrace wholeheartedly.

We should respect food and those who grew it, and cherish every bit of it in our kitchens. Want to learn how to cook well, eat well, be well without wasting food? Call me for an appointment, 085 7399603


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