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Easy Healthy Recipes, Few Ingredients

I agree, this heading sounds a bit like an oxymoron. How could one possibly come up with tasty, filling, healthy recipes that have only a handful of commonly available ingredients that don't cost the world? Surely, this is stuff of Science Fiction ... even my children couldn't think up a story like this!

When actually, the lovely Roz Purcell has put her very beautiful and clever head to use again ... she admits to being able to eat a horse under the table (my words) and pretty much feeling hungry all the time. A Natural Born Feeder, by her own admission. Surely, one can take advice from someone who manages to eat well. This time around, she has come up with a fantastic little cookbook full of above named (impossible) recipes: Half Hour Hero.

If you are still with me, take this: she has moved from the "clean eating" bridage who are (pretty much) pretending to be eating "clean" all the time, have tons of fab food ideas all the time, whose every meal looks exquisite and who could pay for it all ... towards a more realistic down-to-earth approach to healthy food.

Based on 30 main ingredients, this cookbook gives you ideas on how to cook healthy meals in 30 minutes (without having to fly to Timbuktu for the ingredients, or rob a bank in the process to pay for your meal).

One for the kitchen: Roz Purcell, Natural Born Feeder. Published tomorrow by Penguin Ireland.

Visit her website for tons of handy, yummy recipes:


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