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Day 6 - Stretching against Stress

Day 6 - Stretching your shoulders out can really help relieve stress ...

Grassroots Nutrition practices out of Myoreflex in Greystones. Jill at Myoreflex always has wise words for me, and has kindly allowed me to share this tip:

"So many of you ask me during treatment's 'Do your hands and body not get sore after treating so many people?'......My answer....I listen to my own advice I give to you...Stretch!!!! As well as stretching, I also do some self treatment on areas that I can reach. Over the next couple of weeks I'll post some of the stretches and self treatment points that I do to help keep by body in working order of you... First Up.. Pec Stretch. These are the muscles at the front of chest It’s a main component of keeping you in a protective position and it’s one of our dominant muscles used for pushing and pulling. Benefits: 1. Relieves upper back pain. The pec is one of the main reasons your upper back is chronically aching in the first place. 2. It helps you breathe. If you open up your chest your ribs will start to open up as well. Therefor taking a deep breath actually opens you up more, in turn giving you more air. This will help you feel more confident and lose your fight or flight response also helping stress! Hold it for 30 seconds at a time and do it as much as you can throughout the's one of the easier ones to fit in!"

And here is a link to a video demonstrating the stretches:

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