• Alexandra Dobbs

Day 7 - No more Pain ...

Day 7 - Bloating, abdominal pain, flatulence, general digestive disturbances … something many of us sadly take for granted in their daily lives.

You shouldn’t. Everybody should be able to live to their full health, and not be bothered by tummy pains.

This is something I will work on with you at Grassroots Nutrition. My goal is to work at “grassroots level”, your gut health. Real healing works from the inside out, so in my opinion if you can achieve a healthy happy gut you can achieve full health. I hold the tools to help you achieve full health.

A first step in this process is often a Food Intolerance test. Uniquely, FoodDetective gives you instant results during the appointment, at much less cost that all other Food Intolerance tests, €150.

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