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Day 9 - Some Natural Ingredients for a Healthy Christmas ..

Day 9 - They are all coughing and vomiting around me ...

... some virus-busting tips: - Olive Leaf Extract to help you fight viruses and colds - Manuka Honey to ease a cough, bad throat, tummy ache, and even diarrhoea (try to get the genuine stuff from the health food shop as it has proven strength) - lemon & ginger in hot water, simple but effective when you feel a cold coming on - an onion, finely diced, drizzled with honey, left overnight - drink the juice in the morning. You can do this every day to boost your defences - half an onion and leave it in your room overnight, likewise add some rosemary & thyme in a bowl of hot water if suffering from coughs and a stuffy head (your bedroom will have to be aired in the morning!).


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