Initial Consultation, ca. 60-70mins, €75

Includes pre-consult questionnaires, full consultation, informative Diet & Lifestyle Pack and free access to follow-up email. For best results, 3 consultations are common (i.e. 1 initial consult & 2 follow-up). Free email follow-up.


Follow-Up Consultation 30-45 mins, €55. Free email follow-up.

Test Review, €20-€30. I charge a test review fee in case of tests ordered in clinic. You will receive my comprehensive test review and recommendations based on your results in a follow-up consult. Please note that any test charges are incurred by the lab carrying out the test, and that I do not earn commission on tests.


Optimum Results 3 Consults Pre-Pay, €170 (save €15)

(1 initial consult 60-70mins, 2 follow-up consults 45mins each). Best if you know you want to achieve results, and will need a follow-up. Great option for Weight Loss or Autoimmune support.

Can also be given as a gift to a person recovering from illness, wanting to get Functional Testing done, maybe as present for a pregnant woman to be seen pre/post partum. Any Test Review fees not included.

Children (up to age 16), €60 for the first consultation and €50 thereafter. 


Functional Testing


Food Intolerance Testing:  Food Detective, €165

Food Intolerance Testing (FoodDetective), instant clear results, carried out in clinic during a comprehensive 1 ½ consultation. Tests for 46 common intolerances. Free email follow-up. The best value food intolerance test around!


Genetic Testing:  MyDNAhealth Comprehensive DNA Panel, incl Consultation, €315

An award winning DNA test that has developed a DNA panel of genes which can be altered by adjusting diet and lifestyle. Diet and lifestyle changes can go a long way to change your health destiny. Buccal swabs (mouth saliva), 4 weeks for reports to come back. Consult includes analysis of results and diet & lifestyle recommendations. Visit for more information on the test I offer.


Digestive Health Testing:   Comprehensive Digestive Analysis, from €120+

I use a variety of accredited labs depending on the client’s case and tests required. Tests may require 1-3 stool samples to be taken at home and sent to a lab. I will always endeavour to give you best value for your money and recommend the appropriate test for your concerns. These tests are great value compared with competitors!

Comprehensive Cardiovascular Assessment & Consultation, €245

A comprehensive evaluation of cardiovascular risk, measuring various important markers such as cholesterol, triglycerides, and homocysteine, as well as key inflammatory markers. This unique test combines both traditional and cutting-edge indicators of cardiovascular health that can often be corrected with nutritional intervention.


Further Test Packages Offered include: Thyroid Health Check (bloods), Adrenal Health Check (saliva), OAT Test (urine), and many more. Please inquire if your requested test is available.

How can I help you? I can give you evidence-based nutritional and lifestyle information on Breastfeeding/Weaning, Early Childhood Nutrition, Teenage Years (girls/boys), Young Adulthood, Women’s Health Issues, Men’s Health Issues, Healthy Ageing, Leisure Athlete Support, Diabetes, Diverticulitis, IBD, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, PMS/Menopause, Weight Issues and Overweight ...


I am available for talks, workshops, lecturing, please contact me with your specific request.

I adhere to  the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI) Code of Ethics, which can be downloaded here.

Note: Please press the Refresh button on your website to ensure you are not missing any updates on tests offered or current prices. Thank you.

Greystones, Co. Wicklow

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