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Helping you to manage your health better

Individual nutritional therapy consultations and personalised plans with Alex Dobbs (B.Sc., DipNT, mNTOI)

Meet Alex


Food has a vital role to play in supporting our best health, physically and emotionally. It is so much more than a mix of calories and nutrients – food nourishes our bodies, stimulates our senses, satisfies our desires,  fuels our ambitions and gives us comfort. 

Eating is not about restrictive diets or restraining yourself. I am an organic farmer and I fully believe that being around food, understanding how it is grown and where it comes from, is the first step to creating a healthy diet for ourselves. I have a fully inclusive approach to nutrition – nothing is off the menu in my practice. With me, you will learn to eat a rainbow every day and to love your food and your body.

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Grassroots @ the Cottage

Recharge your batteries and take a fresh look at life on one of our organic food retreats

"I was struggling to manage my IBS. Alex's questions were insightful, respectful and extremely illuminating. She made some great suggestions that were easy to implement and I haven't looked back." Sarah, Co. Wicklow

"My teenage daughter used to suffer with severe menstrual cramps, which hindered her athletic performance. Alex's recommendations sorted them out immediately and permanently." Scarlett, Co. Wicklow 

"Alex helped us to identify which foods caused our son's digestive issues and gave useful recommendations for eliminating them. His symptoms are much improved now. I would highly recommend Alex. Alison, Co. Wicklow

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