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Meet Alex (B.Sc Hons, Dip NT)

Nutritional Therapist

A Bit About Me

I was born in Germany, and spent much of my childhood outdoors exploring the world around me. When I wasn't outside, I was often found in my mum’s larder - even at that age I had a 'thing' about all the lovely foods and exciting smells.

I now have a Nutritional Therapy clinic in Greystones and online, and my husband and I run a farm in South Wicklow where we offer farm holidays and residential retreats showing people where their food comes from, how it grows and how to cook it for best health.

My children turned out to have a range of food intolerances, which led me towards Nutritional Therapy, completing an Advanced Diploma with the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health (I.I.N.H)

After school I traveled, working for a while on an organic farm in Western Canada. I went on to study at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester, UK and was awarded a First Class (Hons) in Organic Farming (BSc). I wrote my dissertation (in partnership with Superquinn) on using locally produced foods as a positive marketing message to future proof supermarkets. This was 20 years ago when we were a long way away from putting farmers on supermarket ads and promoting local companies. After graduating, I worked with Naturalife Health until I started my family. 

My work is all about combining cutting-edge food science, experience and a good deal of common sense to tailor dietary advice specific to each client's needs and to help each client to adopt this advice long-term. 

You can book either a single consultation, or where appropriate a plan (reduced rate). If you book a single consultation and decide later that the plan is for you, you can change to a plan at that point.  


Qualifications & Experience

  • BTEC Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Health Coaching
  • B.Sc. (Hons) in Organic Farming
  • Ireland's Own Health & Lifestyle columnist for over 15 years
  • Regular Nutriiton & Lifestyle guest expert on Spirit Radio
  • Contributor to 'The Irish Field'
Listen to Alex on Spirit FM here
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