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The Good Life... for real

7-Day Retreat - For Families/Groups - Up to 4 guests

During your stay with us, you can take in the natural beauty around you, go for walks, swims and generally enjoy a slower pace of life. 

You will learn about the basics of growing your own vegetables, raising produces (pigs and hens) and in the evenings David and Alex will cook you lovely homegrown dinners.

At the end of your stay, you will take home your own veg growing starter kit, suitable for the season ahead, some delicious meats from the farm (or vegetables if you prefer), and some great recipes to try at home.

(June/July/August only)

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Grassroots @ The Cottage 

The Cottage gives you a unique chance to experience nature, close up! We have both residential and non-residential programmes. While you're with us, you will learn how to live off the land, (even if your land is a window box!), and to understand food and the seasons. No two days are ever the same!

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How does your garden grow?

2-Day (Weekend) Retreat - up to 4 people

Learn all you need to know to start your own vegetable garden, including layout and design of your vegetable patch (based on your own garden at home), 3-5 year crop rotation plan for strong, healthy plants, and understand what plants grow well in our climate. 

While you're with us, let us spoil you with delicious home grown dinners. 

Take home a starter box of your own seeded plants. 

(Spring and Early Summer only)


Sprouting - Easy as 1,2,3

1-Day Class - For Families/Groups - Up to 6 guests

Don't let not having a garden, or lacking the time and energy to put into a garden if you do have one, hold you back. We'll show you how to take the hassle out of growing your own plants and teach you all the tricks of sprouting instead. 

Powerhouses of nutrients, these amazing little sprouting gems harbour more nutrition than the fully grown plant does. Moreover, they are scientifically proven to have impressive healing capacities. We should all learn to sprout our own!


At the end of a packed and enjoyable day, you will take home your own sprouting starter kit, having tried and tasted them during your time with us.  

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"Thank you so much for a truly wonderful week in your pretty cottage. You could not have done more for us and for that we are so grateful. Thank you so much for all the home cooking. We know the experiences of picking and cooking the vegetables, collecting eggs, having dogs, hens and pigs all around us will stay with us always! 

Emma, Keelin and their 3 boys, Co Dublin.

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